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allis-chalmers contact kitOne of the difficulties in identifying the older equipment comes from the fact it was made for such a long period of time, it was given different part numbers in addition to different catalog numbers. So one contactor could have as many as eight different numbers attached to it over time. The partial contact kit to the right belongs to a contactor known as " Heavy Duty", "Valueline"," HCCUR", "type 425", "type 426", "14-424-470-501", "25-131-654-004", and their are variations on those numbers as well ! Added to that was the fact they came in six different NEMA sizes !

allis-chalmers coil   The closing coil to the left, is used in the same contactor discussed above and is available for NEMA size 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9. Each coil of course had a distinct part number, and depending on the configuration of the contactor and the control voltage several different coils were used for one NEMA size.  We don't stock all of them because some were rarely used, but we can still get them made if you need one.

This is one example, but typical of the knowledge needed to get the correct parts to keep this equipment in service. And that's where AC Control Direct comes in. We have an excellent record of helping our customers identify their equipment and obtain the items they need to get running again. Many of the items are stocked and most are obtainable.

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